The classic tale of Beauty and the Beast retold through song, dance and a good old fashioned pantomime! Although the story might not be quite as you remember, with troublesome traffic wardens, a hungry horse, a red rose fairy and a sweetie-crazed, overbearing mother all running around the French village of Cabaret trying to solve the mystery of the Beast. So come along and find out what all the fuss is about!

Cast List:

Fairy Rose – Nikki Hewett

Prince Jasper/ Prince Casper – Alfie Murray

Beast – Megan Stevenson Dowle

Sherbet– Ryan Simpson

Candy– Susan Preston

Flossy– Vanessa Dickenson

Tracey – Freya Mcconnell

Nosey Parker – Daisy Hewett

Kirby Crawler – Millie Bateman

Widow Bonbon – Marie Mcconnell

Dr. Tootle – Ashley Hopkins

Bonnie – Kayleigh Stevens-Keatley

Tap Dancing Gigi – Daisy Dunigan, Orla Cox

Gigi – Lauren Medhurst, Holly Legget

Castle – Roxanne Law

Dance Troupe – Daisy Dunigan, Ellie Dobson, Caitlin Marsh and Orla Cox.

Chorus – Alishia Roberts, Molly Dunigan, Daisy Dunigan, Kacey Edwards, Alesha Ward, Missy Cloke, Megan Waller, Freya Mcconnell, Ruby Marsh, Caitlin Marsh, Orla Cox, Tahlia Davies, Ruby King, Olivia Burgess, Roxanne Law, Ellie Dobson, Brooke Forsyth, Emmy Dray.

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The cast were all involved in turning on the Christmas lights for Dover. They had lots of fun dancing and singing in the streets of Dover, in spite of the weather. Even some of our past princesses turned up!