Current Show

Next Generation Proudly Presents - Alice in Wonderland Jr.

The cast are hard at work learning their words and choreography for their production at the Roundhouse Theatre, Dover on 24th - 27th July!

Follow their progress on Instagram at @DODSalice

In order of appearance

Mathilda: Emmy Dray
Alice: Esme Connolly
Cheshire Cat: Luke Fletcher
White Rabbit: Alishia Roberts
Doorknob: Grace Fair
Dodo Bird: Megan Rogers
Tweedle Dee: Matilda Kershaw
Tweedle Dum: Yasmin Cochrane
Rose: Hettie Connolly
Petunia: Jazmin Cloke
Daisy: Emmy Dray
Violet: Lacey Ward
Caterpillar: Josh Dowle
Mad Hatter: Hayden Frith
March Hare: Jaime Miller
Ace of Spades: Aleisha-Mai Halstead
Two of Clubs: Annabel Crawford
King of Hearts: Harry Lewis
Queen of Hearts: Izzy Woodward